The men gathered spoke of creatures called “orcs” that had somehow infested Azeroth. Huge, green, with tusks for teeth and lusting for blood, they had formed a “horde” that flowed like a seemingly unstoppable tide—“Enough to cover the land from shore to shore,” Lothar said direly. It was these monsters that had attacked Stormwind and made refugees—or corpses, Arthas realized—of its denizens. Things got heated when some courtier or other clearly didn’t believe Lothar. Lothar’s temper rose, but Terenas defused the situation and brought the meeting to a close. “I will summon my neighboring kings,” he said. “These events concern us all. Your Majesty, I offer you my home and my protection for as long as you shall need it.”

Human resource configurations Online – Chapter 4, betrayal and forgiveness – Beast Villa – 01WEBZEN, free-to-play games global developer and publisher, announced that the era of martial arts martial arts MMORPG released its third expansion.

“Chapter 4: betrayal and forgiveness”, is now available in English, give players exciting new features massive! With the introduction of six new playable factions, the player’s loyalty to their sect will be put to the test; they can even choose to become vagrant, no affiliation with, any group of arena fighters. Reward and glory provided a new dynamic event, weather effects and day / night cycle to change the game world feel; starting today, rivers and lakes are full of vitality!

Since the secret faction said, the era of martial arts community, with rootless clans, Yihua Gong and Peach Blossom Island, the other three factions, known rivers and lakes factions have yet to appear.

The first faction, lilies Shen family, their leader, died after being killed by bandits, once again found its former glory. Respected by their peers, and with lilies as a weapon, its effective treatment and defensive skills in combat valuable asset.

Xu Village is a strong belief in the profound significance of Knight faction, and justice. Defeat the evil and protect the innocent, they are famous for their ability to survive, so they are always useful group. Using a ruler as a weapon, they do destructive use of debuffs weakening their goals.

Finally, the beast Villa. From under the leadership of Shi family of five brothers, they promote harmonious living with wild animals, to stimulate their fighting style. Each of them with different animals in their power to attack, with their skills channeling tiger and the dragon’s shape, capacity and resilience.

“Chapter 4: betrayal and forgiveness,” human resource configurations also increases the immersion Online world weather systems and more dynamic events. Rivers and lakes now have a full day and night cycle, there are many new weather effects, new events pit players against enemies and the elements at the same time. To protect the city, saving the injured civilians and escort role will be to complete some tasks to get rewards and glory.

To celebrate the expansion, martial arts team’s age is to provide free time for existing VIP player and a small surprise, new players.