Hidden away, the young prince of Lordaeron watched and listened closely, and the voices that floated up to him spoke words that sounded almost fanciful. Yet as he regarded this mighty warrior of Stormwind—and even more, as he studied the wan visage of the future king of such a magnificent realm—Arthas realized with a creeping feeling that none of this was fantasy; all of it was deathly real, and it was terrifying.

InnoGames company opened the US version, the first market in the world and reveal new trailer

Today, InnoGames launched the US version of the fantasy strategy game Elvenar. With the opening of the game, the German developers and publishers released the game’s official trailer. Spot MMO shows the main content of urban construction, and on the face of the late game elves and humans of the city. Although the game has been in beta since the beginning of this year, the international global beta will also be without key constraint to start from now on. In the coming weeks, other countries will follow the example of the United States, officially launched localized versions of the game.

Elvenar is a city building strategy, online games from InnoGames company, in exotic fantasy world setting. Task is to create a prosperous city, players can elves or humans as a starting point of the game between the options. The game focuses on building and upgrading the city, but the players also transaction or to explore the world map. Choose between elves and humans, way affect the appearance of the city and residents of the players and its technical and units are at their disposal. Elves live and breathe magic and nature exist in harmony and intimacy, and human beings are ambitious, determined engineer.

Management of resources between, leveling buildings and unlock new allowance, the players should also be noted that the multiplayer maps. Where they can interact with their neighbors, reconnaissance and battle new NPC provinces or transaction unlock a variety of powerful relics. Take a different battlefield fighting places. Strategic warfare is a 3D animation, there are as many as 20 different types of monsters and units, which makes each encounter unique and tactical depth.

Has more than 150 million registered players, InnoGames is the world’s leading online game developers and suppliers. Hamburg companies have with the game, such as tribal wars empire and Grepolis forgery, and achieved significant success