Arthas shivered suddenly, and not from the cold of a bright winter’s day. The beautiful afternoon, with its blue sky and softly curving snow- draped landscape, had suddenly darkened for him.

Where else would you have the World Championship Heroes of the Storm, but the celebration of all things Blizzard …… Well, Blizzard?

Storm’s inaugural World Championship Series will culminate two days hero BlizzCon, in Anaheim, California occurred winning November 6 to 7 teams will easily win $ 500,000 is $ 200,000 charity events. Overall, the $ 1.2 million will be given away throughout the season championship.

Regional qualifiers will kick off later this month, China and competition in the Americas, Europe, South Korea and Taiwan in the summer and beyond in slate. When the dust settled, the top eight teams will be a showdown, the highest honor and glory at BlizzCon opportunities and big payday.

BlizzCon will also play a furnace military-level event host: Warcraft World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and World of Heroes, as well as many other events. Tickets are not available on any day at this time, but virtual tickets should now be provided. If you do not join them, we guess these events will stream their game “channels. Just a hunch.