“We’ll find all that out shortly. The survivors, including Prince Varian, are being led by Stormwind’s onetime Champion, Lord Anduin Lothar. He, Prince Varian, and others will be coming to Capital City in a few days. Lothar has warned us he bears alarming news—obvious enough if something has destroyed Stormwind. I was sent to find you and bring you back. You’ve no business playing with the common folk at this moment.”

Feeling a little “Mad Max” it? To clear the deadly stuff with wheels in post-apocalyptic world? So, Crossout may just your cup of tea. Based on the upcoming MMO from tightly vehicle entertainment and Targem game will take players to enter a “Beyond Thunderdome” type in the world, let them duke it out of the vehicle is fully customizable by the player.

Crossout in alpha stage, but the development is now tightly to a new level, and has recruited interested in helping in the game’s official website players. What do you worry about how to customize the truck of death will be? Tightly claimed to have so much, and now the two vehicles never have to see the same options.

The main function of a number of Crossout comprises:

Unique vehicles, through the use of a wide range of players available portion of the production: from flexible trolley track vigorously anti-gravity field SUV or combat platforms.
Creative completely free, thousands of possible combinations. Created using dozens of pieces, many species of armor and weapons, as well as support systems, vehicles of any shape.
Advanced damage model: the destruction of any part of the enemy’s machine, it will immediately affect the performance of the vehicle.
A huge arsenal of weapons. From chain saws, drill machine guns rocket, flying drones and stealth generator.
Your own studio: Create a new, advanced components and auction them in the game market.
Options trading between players: You have gethered in combat each piece can be sold to other players.
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