There’s even some player choice into what direction you want to go through the dungeon. It’s a first really good look, I think, at the way we’re going to handle raiding–if you get in there and you extrapolate it. If you saw Stormtalon’s lair, it had a lot of really good, strong mechanics in it, but if you extrapolate it out and you look at Skullcano, it’s the evolution of the process.

Meanwhile, people who don’t naturally like raiding are less happy because you’re being told to like something. The inaccessibility and all that was just a part of the puzzle; at the end of the day, you just aren’t fond of that particular style of play. Except now you’re more and more expected to raid, and not doing so means you’re stuck in the cold with nothing more to do.

People were saying that they felt like they were wasting their time because there wasn’t a tied in reward–we moved XP, money and stuff off of it. In this CBT we’ve already decided to pull the 30 minutes down to nothing, so you can just restart them over and over again, and then make a much simpler reward structure so you have way better odds to get the better rewards when you spin the wheel. And that’s coming directly off the forums, which is why it’s ahead of where we are with the patch notes, because we’re three weeks behind as far as that’s concerned.

Starcraft 1 originally was supposed to have Wraiths that did zig zags when they flew around and left trails behind them and all other kind of neat graphics stuff. Some of it was because Starcraft 1’s development was hell for everyone, but I’m sure it’s also cause of sys. Reqs.

In the Wildstar, the Veteran dungeon are really difficult, so we have collected some video about passing Ruins of Kel Voreth fast. Hope all Wildstar players can learn from this video. The Healer in this video is Esper, and the Engineer as Tank. The empire landed a formidable military force on Mikros in 344 AE, and the Draken hordes amassed for all-out war on the Dominion invaders. Acting upon counsel from the Mechari, the bold Luminai Emperor Azrion issued a challenge to the reigning High Clanlord Zhur: meet him in single combat, with the victor ruling supreme over planet Mikros. As the Mechari expected, Zhur accepted the challenge immediately..

For thousands of years, the Aurin lived in isolation on the forest world of Arboria, but the chance arrival of the wandering human rebel fleet changed their lives forever. Appreciating their good-natured independence, the Aurin welcomed the humans into their forest homes, and friendship soon blossomed between the two races. Fearful of unleashing the wrath of the Dominion on the Aurin, the humans took on much needed supplies and then quickly moved on.