The functionality for posting on Twitter within Wow is up and running on the PTR servers. Promptly are already wondering, it is a completely optional feature — without having Twitter, or don’t attend to Twitter at all, you won’t have to utilize service. It is simply a great side perk that’s added too for World of Warcraft — one that is curiously, strangely addicting. Using it is fairly simple, you only need a Twitter account and you are clearly ready to go. From the Interface/Social menu, it has an substitute for choose the Twitter access. It isn’t really a default feature, which means you must checkmark the box to acheive started. Once you’ve done that, a control button inside the UI will open a window that permits that you signing in to your Twitter account and authorize Warcraft being an application — oahu is the same screen that you decide if you might try and log into our comment system with your Twitter account. Click allow access, and you’ll be logged in and ready to go! To share to Twitter, type /share in the chat window, and will bring up the Twitter interface. Once you have created your tweet, you’ll be able to submit it and it will post for your Twitter feed one to three world of warcraft gold,and have the power to fight the world!