Since 80 blizzard has developed the vehicle system, on the surrounding its ideas would never stop. Ancient beach system as a vehicle to field experiment, is returned to the most fundamental battle, to highlight in the vehicle system is aided by the siege of cool feeling. The entire battlefield tribes allied play offense and defense, respectively, within the prescribed time limit who push fast who killed more than who wins.

Corresponding, attackers have a large number of catapult and explosives are available, while the defenders have battery and portal. Fierce fighting high strength, no too many strategic gold ideal

Onboard, infantry chariot, fire wall, suicide attacks, each part is the main, the resurrection of a very short time and breath the oppression of sex makes many tired of storm to push players got a new fun but to be honest, the bottom has a storm in front, blizzard new battlefield out what I’m afraid it will have a high praise.More information about how to wow gold kopen ,we always offer you.