Take your seats. Grab some pies. Cheer on your favorite class. Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion goes live today. Along with 132 new cards comes two new game mechanics (Inspire and Jousting) and whole new meta game.
We here at Blizzard Watch are split on the new expansion. Many of us are excited to have new cards and mechanics to work with. The current selection of top decks since the Blackrock Mountain adventure launched have grown stale. Time for a shake up. From Ramp Druids to Totem Shamans to Control Priests, you’re going to be seeing a whole new set of great decks. Maybe even Murloc Paladins!

The other prevailing attitude is one of discouragement. The game already seems packed with too many cards with a shifting meta game that is too hard to follow and over 100 new cards is just going to make it harder. Tavern Brawls with preconstructed decks is the only way to enjoy the game casually.

Which is it for you? Excited for fresh cards or passing on an already feature bloated game? Or are you somewhere in the middle, just playing enough to get the card back of the month?