Group-oriented sandbox Saga of Lucimia has taken a significant step to legitimacy this past weekend by announcing that it is now under the umbrella of a brand-new game studio.

Thirteen of Saga of Lucimia’s developers banded together to create Stormhaven Studios in Austin, Texas, to support the up-and-coming title. “While it’s great to simply work on a project and pour all of our creativity into something, there’s always been the nagging reality that we needed to have a legal framework in place to start taking care of the myriad business-related components that go on behind the scenes of any professional project,” the team posted.

Stormhaven Studios is selling t-shirts and hoodies to support the project, although most of the ongoing development continues to be drawn from the team’s pockets. Stormhaven did say that the pre-order store is coming soon and that Saga of Lucimia’s early access is on track for this fall.