As one of the first battle pets you encounter in World of Warcraft, the great horned owl can not help your character with full-fledged enemies, but they can attack other battle pets, enabling you to either defeat them or capture them. When you participating in pet battles, you can get rewards with titles, achievements and unique pets that you would otherwise be unable to get. How to make a great horned owl attack in this game? Here in this article we will offer the detail steps to help you make a great horned owl attack in this game, below is the detail information, have a good luck!

First, you should purchase battle pet training. If you don’t have enough of wow gold and want to buy some, you can contact us for help. Trainers selling this skill can be found in the starting zone for each race, as well as in Stormwind and Orgrimmar; once you’ve purchased this skill, all characters on your account will be able to participate in pet battles. Press “Shift-P” and click “Pet Journal”, type “Great Horned Owl” in the Search box to find your owl. Drag the great horned owl to the empty slot in the Battle Pet Slots list.

Then click the “Tracking” icon on your mini-map and select “Track Pets.” Walk around until you see a green paw icon on your mini-map, this icon identifies the location of a wild pet that you can fight. Approach the wild pet. When you are close enough, the paw cursor you get when you hover your mouse over it turns from gray to green. If you need, you can use wow cd key to get help. Finally, right-click the wild pet to start a pet battle. Press “1” to make your owl attack the enemy wild pet with its Peck ability. Continue doing this until the enemy pet is defeated.