WOW 6.1 has been available with its new features, especially twitter integration and Selfie camera. But have you seen the animation of Frostboar in World of Warcraft Patch 6.1? Some people think it is silly, but others insist that it never undermines wow warlords of draenor.
frostboar in wow 6.1
New content in wow 6.1

With lots of changes on character and class and bug fixes, patch 6.1 brings something new in game, like new Blood Elf models, twitter integration and heirloom collections tab. Generally, you should know that:
1. Fidelity and texture resolution for new Blood Elves models have been increased.
2. Characters can send Tweets for items, achievements, and screenshots in the game by the share command. Before that, you need to enable and add a Twitter account from Social options at first to activate this feature.
3. New Heirloom collection tab can upgrade Heirlooms wow items to the maximum level that the item scales up to. Heirlooms with no upgrades can scale up to level 60; those with 1 upgrade can do to 90, and those with 2 can be to 100.

If you have seen the Frostboar animation, you will find that this mount runs mechanically. It seems that it uses the same run animation or skeleton as the Direhorn mounts. Its body is static, but its little legs move like pistons. Is it that hard to make a really fluid running animation for that beast?
As we all know, there are already other boars in the game that do not run like that. Maybe Blizzard aims to distinguish Frodtboar from others with this animation. But it is really hard to accept the fact that such an animation passes through QA already.

What do you think about the Frostboar animation in wow 6.1? In fact, it doesn’t have any effect on the actual game, but on visual. You can buy wow gold us cheap to experience wow 6.1 new features now.