Well, some of the rs players may be not satisfied with what Runescape team have updated. So there is RS Gold site that give players power to offer their own game content. Here we have a sounds-great idea from one of the players, it is called the Shooting Stars.

Shooting Stars, just like it seems that many of the old-timely Distractions and Diversions have ended up being in this day and age, I’m not sure of the last time that I’ve seen a group of people flock to one of these glorious rocks and mine them.

What He suggested isn’t a total rework of the D&D, but instead that it ride this little…pet hype train that everything else seems to be riding. At the center of this shooting star, there is not a glorious, teeth-destroying tootsie roll center, but an adorable alien called a Star Sprite. He randomly remembered this mysteries creature and being the human being that he is.

So what would obtaining this glorious alien entail? Well, the only thing that he can think of is having a small chance of obtaining it every time that the SS pops up. Maybe with an incresing chance as it notices your face constantly saving it?

I really like this idea. The alien is so adorable and I think it could potentially be a good incentive to continue mining Shooting Stars, thus reviving the D&D.I personally feel like it’d make a really good override, or depending on how it would be obtained as I could see how it might even fit in the Solomon’s Shop. It’d be absolutely amazing to see it running around and picking stuff up.

It’d probably fit best as a follower override better than a drop pet. But I must take issue since when did it become passe to mine Shooting Stars? Those of us who love mining still seek out, and the mining xp rewards are substantial apart from the gifts you receive from teh Star Sprite, even more so if one is lucky enough to claim the “Tag”.