Selfie Camera has become popular in Azeroth already, and it brought more fun for wow players. In order to make selfie better and cooler, a rumor says that Blizzard would introduce a selfie stick in game. Catch more victories with cheapest wow gold for sale and take photos of all grand battle!

What is selfie stick?
Selfie stick: now you can take a selfie from a distance away, using your zoom in and zoom out buttons. Much like a screenshot, but with a cool name, and we gave it its own item to make it feel like its content.

How to gain Selfie Stick in game
It is simple to gain it! Take your Selfie and revolves round the mailbox 100 times within 60 seconds, and your selfie camera will be upgraded automatically, with more interesting functions. Kindly reminder: once revolving is broken off, you must restart. So prepare enough for throwing up.

What new features are attached to selfie stick?
1. Basic function: it can extend infinitely so that players can take photos of the whole Azeroth.
2. Additional functions: beautify pictures, like change haircut to make character modern, wear glasses to make character more beautiful.

Selfie sticks allow players to take more beautiful photos, and also provide a chance to take photos with bosses. Maybe it is just a prank on April Fool’s Day, but it is indeed a wish of wow players in Draenor. Happy April Fool’s Day and happy Easter!